Sorry, Wrong Number (1948) by Allan Ullman and Lucille Fletcher

Book cover of Sorry Wrong Number by Lucille Fletcher and Allan Ullman

7 Stars (7/10 stars)

“Say, I forgot to ask you, George. Is a knife okay?”

“Okay,” the nasal voice of George said flatly. “But make it quick. Our client does not wish to make her suffer long.”

New York City is one of the biggest cities in the world. For wealthy invalid Leona Stevenson it’s a very small one, consisting entirely of her bed and a telephone. Unexpectedly left alone one evening, she tries to reach her husband at the office. Instead, due to a crossed wire, she overhears two strangers plotting a murder.

Over the next few hours the bedridden Leona works frantically to save the unknown victim, but no one takes her seriously. Will she be able to stop the crime before it’s too late?

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