The Long Shadow (1975) by Celia Fremlin

The Long Shadow by Celia Fremlin

9 Stars (9/10 stars)

“How Ivor would have loved being dead! It was a shame that he was missing it all.”

Three months after her husband’s death, Imogen Barnicott is preparing to face her first Christmas alone. It’s a relief to be left to mourn in peace. Things don’t work out as planned, however. Her husband Ivor left a complicated legacy of children and ex-wives, who all descend upon Imogen for the holidays. And there are some questions about Ivor’s death, questions his widow is at a loss to answer as she finds her Christmas haunted by ghosts of the past. Continue reading “The Long Shadow (1975) by Celia Fremlin”

Uncle Paul (1959) by Celia Fremlin

Uncle Paul by Celia Fremlin

9 Stars (9/10 stars)

“It is rare for any catastrophe to seem like a catastrophe right at the very beginning. Nearly always, in its early stages, it seems more like a nuisance; just one more of those tiresome interruptions which come so provokingly just when life is going smoothly and pleasantly.”

Meg is the baby of the family, but her sisters have always relied upon her to straighten out their lives. When their seaside holiday goes awry, it’s no surprise that they summon Meg. Somehow, oldest sister Mildred has ended up renting the cottage where she honeymooned with her ex-husband Paul fifteen years ago, when she turned him in to police for murder. Now she’s convinced that she hears his footsteps outside at night, but that couldn’t possibly be true…could it? Continue reading “Uncle Paul (1959) by Celia Fremlin”