The Bloody Spur (1953) by Charles Einstein

Charles Einstein The Bloody Spur 01

8 Stars (8/10 stars)

“One murder’s bad. Two are wonderful. Two murders can sell papers all day long.”

On a rainy day in Brooklyn, two funerals are taking place side by side. One is for Cyrus McCrady, executive director of the Kyne News Service. The other is for Judith Felton, a young murder victim. These two never knew each other in life, but their deaths will have far-reaching consequences.

There are four possible candidates to replace McCrady, and Walter Kyne simply can’t choose between them. Observing Judy Felton’s burial gives him an idea: Why not pit the four newsmen against each other on this sensational crime story? Whoever solves the murder gets the job.

As the killer strikes again, the Kyne journalists will do whatever it takes to exploit these gruesome crimes, throwing ethics and accuracy out the window. Whipping the city into a frenzy of fear sells a lot of papers, but will it catch the killer? Or is the atmosphere of hysteria and half-truths actually helping him get away with murder?

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