Trick or Treat (1955) by Doris Miles Disney

Book cover of Trick or Treat by Doris Miles Disney (1955)

5 Stars (5/10 stars)

“Everybody’s been ruled out. There’s nobody left to kill her.”

Edna Monroe is having a blast on the last Halloween of her life. With her husband out of town on business, she throws a costume party for her girlfriends, and it’s all fun and games until a ghost rings the doorbell.

It isn’t candy that makes this trick-or-treater’s bag so heavy. It’s a gun. Edna is shot dead on her doorstep by a costumed killer who vanishes silently into the Halloween night. Insurance investigator Jefferson DiMarco is faced with a scary situation: a heavily insured murder victim with no enemies and perfect alibis all around. Maybe a little too perfect…

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