The Uninvited (1942) by Dorothy Macardle

Book Cover of The Uninvited by Dorothy Macardle (1942)

8 Stars (8/10)

I am sure that if spirits walk, it is in places that they have loved. That is why it seems foolish to be afraid of them […] Why should anyone be afraid of a happy ghost?”

Roderick and Pamela Fitzgerald have finally found the perfect house in the Devonshire countryside. Cliff End even comes complete with its very own ghost, the tragic Mary Meredith, who met a mysterious death there fifteen years earlier. It makes a picturesque story, but rumors of ghosts are surely exaggerated.

The brother and sister soon find that living in a haunted house isn’t as jolly as they imagined. They are kept awake by moans in the night, strange white mists, chills that seem to pass right through them. Even worse, some unseen force seems to zero in on their deepest insecurities, driving them to despair.

The only one who’s not afraid of Cliff End is Stella Meredith, Mary’s daughter. She’s convinced the spirit of her mother would never hurt her. But nothing in this house is as it seems, and there may be room for one more ghost at Cliff End.

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The Unforeseen (1945) by Dorothy Macardle

Dorothy Macardle The Unforeseen 01

5 Stars (5/10 stars)

“They would have burnt me in the Middle Ages, Virgilia reflected as she walked away. And that is because witches are a nuisance. Because they are dangerous…”

Virgilia Wilde is haunted by ghosts, not from the past, but from the future. Left badly off after the death of her tyrannical husband, she has retreated to a quiet cottage in County Wicklow to write a book. But Virgilia is troubled by visions—of snow in June, of her maid receiving a telegram not yet sent. At first, she thinks they are memories. Then she realizes they are actually premonitions of future events.

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