The House Without a Key (1925) by Earl Derr Biggers

The House without a Key by Earl Derr Biggers

7 Stars (7/10 stars)

“Twenty-five years of my life are consumed in Hawaii, and I have many times been witness when the impossible roused itself and occurred.”

There have always been two kinds of Winterslips: the proper Bostonian branch of the family, and those who wander the world in search of adventure. John Quincy Winterslip is the first kind, unwillingly dispatched to bring home his aunt Minerva, one of those other Winterslips. Almost a year ago she traveled to Hawaii to visit cousins Dan and Amos, and still has not returned.

The two brothers have been estranged for thirty years, never crossing the fence that divides their property. That would be scandal enough. As soon as John Quincy lands in Honolulu, however, he learns that Dan has been killed. A Winterslip murdered? It just isn’t done. As he helps police detective Charlie Chan gather evidence, John Quincy finds himself far outside of his comfort zone, and liking it. But he soon learns that Hawaii is as dangerous as it is seductive, and “away down underneath there are deep dark waters flowing still.” Continue reading “The House Without a Key (1925) by Earl Derr Biggers”