The Defense Does Not Rest (1959) by Edna Sherry

The Defense Does Not Rest by Edna Sherry

5 Stars (5/10 stars)

“Our moral convictions get us nowhere. There’s a murderer here and a damned clever one. The whole thing looks like a colossal frame. If we don’t make it out in a hurry, an innocent man is going to pay.”

Max Gray could never have committed murder. His lifelong friend Steve Hargrave is convinced of that, and as Max’s lawyer, he’s determined to prove his innocence. But, as his father reminds him, that’s not what criminal law is about—it’s about getting your client off, by whatever means necessary. Forget about Max’s innocence. Can Steve’s ideals stand up to everything he will learn about his friends, and even his own father? Continue reading “The Defense Does Not Rest (1959) by Edna Sherry”

Strictly a Loser (1965) by Edna Sherry

Strictly a Loser by Edna Sherry

5 Stars (5/10 stars)

“The dream could be summed up in two words: beautiful things. A home filled with richly tinted rugs, with authentic period pieces, with exquisite pie-crust tables and Duncan Phyfe chairs, with one or two fine paintings and shelves of Spode china and Steuben glass. The dream did not concern itself with electric marvels of kitchen efficiency, such as most housewives hanker for, and took little notice of clothes or cars. It concerned itself only with something she could love.”

Susan Wells has a dream, of a gracious home full of lovely furniture, all her own. Things can’t hurt her, the way her irresponsible father did. And once she has her dream house, she’ll never feel poor or shabby again. Susan isn’t beautiful, or charismatic, or even especially smart. But when she meets Harry Caldwell, her employer’s ne’er-do-well son, she sees a way to make her dream come true. Yes, Harry will give Susan her dream house…one way or another. Continue reading “Strictly a Loser (1965) by Edna Sherry”

Sudden Fear (1948) by Edna Sherry

Edna Sherry Sudden Fear Cover 01

9 Stars (9/10 stars)

So you’re planning a murder? For love, hate, revenge, or money. Let’s go.

It’s an old story. Playwright Myra Hudson has money, fame, intelligence—everything except youth and beauty. Everything except love. But that’s no problem if you’re willing to pay.

Her strange romance with Lester Blaine begins when she fires him from her play for being too handsome. Despite her cynicism, Myra falls deeply in love for the first time, blinded by her new husband’s beauty. If Lester doesn’t feel the same way about her, at least he plays his role to perfection. Myra seems to have found her happy ending at last, until an intriguing young woman enters their lives.

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