The Nanny (1964) by Evelyn Piper

The Nanny by Evelyn Piper

5 Stars (5/10 stars)

“Tell me, will she spank you, Joey?”

“She’ll kill me,” Joey said simply.

Nanny has been such a blessing to the Fane household, especially after six-year-old Joey’s baby brother died mysteriously under his care. Now, after two years of treatment in a school for disturbed children, Joey is finally coming home. For some reason he’s taken against Nanny. Unfortunate, since his mother relies on her so much.

Nanny always knows the right thing to do, however. She’s determined to stay, and no mere child is going to stop her. But she may have underestimated her opponent… Continue reading “The Nanny (1964) by Evelyn Piper”

Bunny Lake Is Missing (1957) by Evelyn Piper

Bunny Lake Is Missing by Evelyn Piper

3 Stars(3/10 stars)

“I must be dreaming, Blanche thought, as they walked toward her apartment. What could be more dreamlike than this walk down the street with a tall policeman? And, as in dreams, the faces you passed, all strangers, all strange, turned indifferently toward you and then indifferently away, and the policeman didn’t speak again after he had asked where she lived, and she didn’t speak, either, because what was the point in a dream when salvation only lay in waking up?”

Today is three-year-old Bunny Lake’s first day of preschool. But when her mother Blanche comes to pick her up that evening, Bunny isn’t there. In fact, no one at the school even remembers seeing her.

It’s a mother’s worst nightmare, but Blanche’s ordeal is just beginning. Not only are the police unable to locate Bunny, they are starting to question whether she ever really existed. Even the reader starts to wonder, as Blanche embarks upon a desperate search for her child. Continue reading “Bunny Lake Is Missing (1957) by Evelyn Piper”