The Bellamy Trial (1927) by Frances Noyes Hart

The Bellamy Trial by Frances Noyes Hart

7 Stars (7/10 stars)

“We’re all so everlastingly canny and competent and sophisticated these days, going mechanically through a mechanical world, sharpening up our little emotions, tuning up our little sensations— and suddenly there’s a cry of ‘Murder!’ in the streets, and we stop and look back, shuddering, over our shoulder—and across us falls the shadow of a savage with a bloodstained club, and we know that it’s good and dangerous and beautiful to be alive.”

The sleepy town of Rosemont seems an unlikely location for the crime of the century. Yet that’s exactly what is unfolding, as reporters and eager townspeople jostle for front-row seats to the trial that has enthralled the whole country. Two of the town’s leading citizens are on trial for their lives, accused of a brutal crime of passion. But will the verdict reveal the truth? Continue reading “The Bellamy Trial (1927) by Frances Noyes Hart”

Hide in the Dark (1929) by Frances Noyes Hart

Hide in the Dark by Frances Noyes Hart

3 Stars (3/10 stars)

“But it was more than a ghost story that you promised us, surely? It was a murder story, and I’m rather a connoisseur in murder.”

On Halloween night, thirteen guests descend upon the Maryland estate of Lady’s Court. Eleven are members of the March Hares, a group of the maddest young people in pre-World War I Washington DC. There were originally twelve March Hares: ten years ago, just after their last gathering, nineteen-year-old Sunny Leighton died mysteriously.

The weekend quickly reignites old loves and old hatreds, between games of bobbing for apples and “hide in the dark.” It’s all fun and games until the lights come back on. Even March Hares can’t outrun death. Continue reading “Hide in the Dark (1929) by Frances Noyes Hart”