Long Shadows (1955) by Joanna Cannan

Long Shadows by Joanna Cannan

5 Stars (5/10 stars)

“Not dead yet? We must see about that.”

Dawn Meadowes is young, beautiful, and brilliant, having just published a best-selling novel. She’s also dead, fatally stabbed in her own garden. No one could be less suited to investigate the artists of Chelsea than the prissy, peevish Inspector Ronald Price, unless it’s his daydreaming sergeant, Frobisher. They soon discover that Dawn’s life is anything but an open book. Continue reading “Long Shadows (1955) by Joanna Cannan”

And Be a Villain (1958) by Joanna Cannan

And Be a Villain by Joanna Cannan

6 stars (6/10 stars)

“The fact is I find that no one in this house has been quite frank with me, and the conclusions I draw from that are necessarily significant and unpleasant ones.”

Richard Hallow may be a doctor, but his touch is far from healing. Not only is the man a compulsive philanderer who is scheming to put his mother-in-law into a nursing home, his neglect of his National Health patients has just led to a baby’s death.

When Richard is found dead of a broken neck on the floor of his surgery the list of suspects is endless. And with the misanthropic Detective Superintendent Price on the case, the path of justice is far from certain. Continue reading “And Be a Villain (1958) by Joanna Cannan”

Murder Included (1950) by Joanna Cannan

Murder Included by Joanna Cannan

7 Stars (7/10 stars)

“Won’t the murders put people off coming here as paying guests—what do you think, Bunny?”

Bunny shrugged. “I haven’t a clue. Considering how people read crime fiction, one would think that they might be attracted. Why not exploit it—revise the booklet and put, along with baths and table wines, ‘murder included’?”

Twilight is falling fast for the aristocratic d’Estray family. Sir Charles d’Estray’s new wife Bunny, a bohemian writer, is determined to keep the family’s head above water by turning their ancestral home into a bed and breakfast. It’s not easy, even before the murder.

When a demanding guest is poisoned, Bunny realizes how precarious her position is. She and her daughter Lisa are outsiders, and it’s up to her to keep them from becoming suspects. She never dreams they might end up as victims instead. Continue reading “Murder Included (1950) by Joanna Cannan”

No Walls of Jasper (1930) by Joanna Cannan

No Walls of Jasper by Joanna Cannan 1930 book cover

8 Stars (8/10 stars)

“All along Canberry Gardens, in the lighted dolls’ houses, children’s voices called good night. Julian too, setting out to murder his father, felt perfectly ordinary.”

Some would say that Julian Prebble has everything. A nice home, attractive wife, two boys, and a promising career. But Julian can’t help feeling that he doesn’t have quite enough. He shouldn’t have to live in a semi-detached house, with his wife stretching the joint to last two days. Other men of forty are farther along in life, all because their fathers died and left them the money to make a proper start. Meanwhile, his invalid father lives on and on, wasting more money every minute he’s alive.

It’s not that Julian wants his father to die. Still…wouldn’t it be convenient if he did? Continue reading “No Walls of Jasper (1930) by Joanna Cannan”