Death at Breakfast (1936) by John Rhode

Book cover of Death at Breakfast by John Rhode (1936)

6 stars (6/10 stars)

“An affair like this is like a jigsaw puzzle. As soon as you get the first few pieces put together, the rest fall into their places quite naturally.”

No one likes Victor Harleston, least of all his sister Janet, who is desperate to escape his control. So when Victor drops dead during a breakfast prepared by Janet, Scotland Yard naturally takes an interest. Poison in the teapot and a bottle of deadly nicotine in Janet’s bedroom appear to make this an open and shut case.

Yet somehow it all looks a little too easy for Superintendent Haslet’s liking. A second murder seems to prove his instincts correct. Along with Inspector Jimmy Waghorn and the brilliant amateur detective Dr Priestley, Haslet must learn how very deceiving appearances can be.

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