The Sign of the Ram (1945) by Margaret Ferguson

Margaret Ferguson - The Sign of the Ram 01

6 stars (6/10 stars)

“Aren’t we all rather frightened of Leah? I’m beginning to understand something about Leah that I didn’t before. Naturally she’s a terribly active, strong-willed person, and she’s got nothing to vent her energy on—except us.”

Sherida is apprehensive about working  for the St. Aubyn family, but soon she feels right at home. Her new employer Leah couldn’t be kinder. Leah is an inspiration, confined to a wheelchair after rescuing her stepchildren from drowning. Her husband Mallory and the children worship her in return.

But beneath her smiling surface, Leah is like the wind from the sea—beautiful, savage, and strong. She knows exactly what’s best for her family, and if they happen to disagree, there are ways of making them see reason.

When her now-adult stepchildren, the very ones she crippled herself to save, become involved in romances, Leah feels abandoned. Aided by her youngest stepdaughter, the fanatically devoted Christine, Leah will go to any lengths to break up the two couples. Then Sherida and Mallory strike up a friendship, pushing Leah over the edge. She begins a subtle but brutal siege against her entire family, determined to keep them by her side forever.

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