Epitaph for a Nurse (1958) by Anne Hocking

Epitaph for a Nurse by Anne Hocking

6 stars (6/10 stars)

“It’s a terrible thought. To murder anyone. You must have to hate them intensely, and there’s someone going round hating like that. It frightens me.

Nurse Jessica Biggs is the backbone of the small rural hospital where she works. Her colleagues value her skill and efficiency as a nurse, yet her harsh manner has won her no friends either inside or outside the hospital. Plain, poorly educated, and aging, Sister Biggs knows that she cannot rely on anyone else to secure her future. Her position offers her access to sensitive information, things that her patients would not want anyone else to know. Sister Biggs knows how to keep a secret…for a price. Continue reading “Epitaph for a Nurse (1958) by Anne Hocking”

The Devil’s Caress (1952) by June Wright

June Wright The Devil's Caress 01

6 stars (6/10 stars)

“Death means so little to us, Marsh mused. A murder politely covered up with the trappings of an accident is just another death. There is nothing frightening about it so long as it is so disguised.”

Young doctor Marsh Mowbray is surprised to be invited to spend a weekend with her mentor, Dr. Katherine Waring. She’s always admired the older woman, but Dr. Kate never seemed to notice Marsh. What should be a restful holiday by the sea soon runs into stormy weather, as Marsh steps into a nest of family and professional dysfunction.

When Marsh finds Kate’s husband, Dr. Kingsley Waring, in a diabetic coma, she’s not sure what to think. Is it accidental, attempted suicide, or a near-murder? And how can she protect her patient from a houseful of doctors and nurses who all have the expertise to either cure or kill?

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