The Big Sleep (1939) by Raymond Chandler

Raymond Chandler - The Big Sleep

8 Stars (8/10 stars)

“I think they go their separate and slightly divergent roads to perdition. Vivian is spoiled, exacting, smart, and quite ruthless. Carmen is a child who likes to pull the wings off flies. Neither of them has any more moral sense than a cat. Neither have I. No Sternwood ever has.”

General Sternwood’s daughters are going to hell in a handbasket, and they can’t get there fast enough. When young Carmen is blackmailed by a pornographer, her father hires Philip Marlowe. The older daughter Vivian believes that Marlowe has been hired to search for her missing husband, a former bootlegger named Rusty Regan. A lot of other people seem to think so, too. And that’s even before the family chauffeur takes a long drive off a short pier in the Sternwoods’ car. As one character notes, “They seem to be a family things happen to.”

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