High Sierra (1940) by W. R. Burnett

W R Burnett High Sierra 1

6 stars (6/10 stars)

“Maybe I ain’t got a future. But I got a present, and that’s what I’m interested in.”

There’s no retirement plan for gangsters. Roy Earle is the last living member of the Dillinger gang, already past his prime at thirty-seven. When his boss springs him from jail for a big hotel robbery, Roy doesn’t like anything about the job—not the big-mouthed inside man, not his two young accomplices Red and Babe, and especially not Marie, the dame they’re always brawling over. And he doesn’t like the bleak vastness of the Sierra Nevada mountains. All that open space is terrifying to a man who fears freedom just as much as he craves it.

The only bright spot in Roy’s life is Velma, who attracts him despite—or perhaps because of—her clubfoot. In her youth, Roy sees the promise of a new future. Velma thinks he’s a good man. Maybe he can be. He just has to finish this job first…

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