Murder Begins at Home (1949) by Delano Ames

Murder Begins at Home by Delano Ames

8 Stars (8/10 stars)

“But everybody adored Miranda.” I repeated mechanically an article of faith I was beginning to question.

“Everybody admired her,” he corrected me. “Miranda was the woman on the pedestal. The trouble with pedestals is you’ve got to stay there. You can’t relax.”

Jane and Dagobert Brown are enjoying their American road trip, until Dagobert suggests looking up his old flame Miranda Ross, as they just happen to be in New Mexico. Jane is less than enthused. At first it appears that Miranda doesn’t want to see them, either, until she unexpectedly changes her mind and invites them to visit her ranch.

It quickly becomes obvious that relations are strained at the Palo Alto Ranch. And why is it taking so long for their hostess to appear? “She said you’d be interested in Palo Alto because—well, because she says there’s going to be a murder.” Miranda’s prediction comes true, in ways no one could have expected. Continue reading “Murder Begins at Home (1949) by Delano Ames”

Corpse Diplomatique (1950) by Delano Ames

Delano Ames - Corpse Diplomatique

6 stars (6/10 stars)

“As an account like the present one unfolds I am aware that the persons involved in it should become increasingly suspect. My trouble, as I again returned to the struggle the following day, was that as I went along everyone was getting less suspect.”

The sunny streets of Nice seem very far away from revolution-torn Santa Rica. That is, until an assassin’s bullet narrowly misses the Santa Rican consul, killing a passerby. Jane and Dagobert Brown wind up with a front-row seat to murder; in fact, the fatal bullet may have been fired from their hotel. Several of their fellow guests have ties to Santa Rica, and none of them are very upset over the death of Major Hugh Arkwright. Is one of them the killer—and which man was the intended victim?

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