Adventure with Crime (1962) by Josephine Bell

Adventure with Crime by Josephine Bell

4 Stars (4/10 stars)

“I seem to have got into a way of expecting dreadful things to happen.”

Young widow Frances Aldridge finds it hard to move past her grief in England, where everything reminds her of her late husband. So when her American friends invite her for an extended visit, she thinks a change of scenery will do her good. Instead, it may end her life.

Eager to see as much as she can of this new country, Frances embarks on a long solo bus trip. She meets a number of friendly strangers…and at least one killer. The United States is a big country, but is it big enough for Frances to stay one step ahead of danger? Continue reading “Adventure with Crime (1962) by Josephine Bell”

The House Above the River (1959) by Josephine Bell

The House Above the River by Josephine Bell

6 stars (6/10 stars)

“Something was going on there that he did not understand, and had no wish to take part in. Something dangerous, some evil, beginning to show itself, suddenly, startlingly […] And there was a certainty, at least, of something planned, an organized wickedness. It had come to the surface in a seething moment of horror, and sunk back, leaving only a question, an uneasy dread. Giles was sure the lid would come off again, but when and where and how and against whom directed, he had no idea at all.”

This wasn’t Giles Armitage’s plan for his French sailing holiday, to be trapped by fog in a small village in Brittany. He’s itching to move on to the next destination, though his companions, Tony and Phillipa, are happy to explore the village. They even make friends with the English inhabitants of the local chateau.

Giles is shocked to meet the owner’s wife—his ex-fiancée Miriam, who broke his heart long ago. And Miriam is afraid. There is something terribly wrong at the chateau. Whatever is taking place between Miriam and her husband Henry Davenport, Giles wants nothing to do with it. As the fog closes in, however, he may no longer have a choice. Continue reading “The House Above the River (1959) by Josephine Bell”

The Upfold Witch (1964) by Josephine Bell


Josephine Bell - Upfold Witch

5 Stars (5/10 stars)

“Village life is rather extraordinary, isn’t it? Until you’re used to it, I suppose. Then you know what to believe and what to—discard.”

Real-estate bargains can be hard to come by, so when Henry and Jeanie Frost find the perfect retirement cottage, they buy first and ask questions later. As it turns out, there are a lot of questions.

Mulberry Cottage has been vacant for ten years, ever since Celia Wainwright vanished and her much-older husband abandoned the house. Even after all this time, the villagers of Upfold are haunted by her fate. Some think she was a victim of persecution, hounded from her home or driven to suicide. Some think she was a seductress who ran off with another man. And some think she was a witch.

Continue reading “The Upfold Witch (1964) by Josephine Bell”